What To Do With Old Tractor Tires

What to do with old tractor tires when they have finally outlasted their usefulness? This may not be simple for tractor owners who would often find themselves with large scraps of old equipment to dispose of or find alternate usage for. In our continuously evolving industry, we can easily find ways to reuse these scraps of old equipment or dispose them without much unnecessary fuss.

There are many ways you can reuse your old tractor tires. American landscapers have found a number of ways to work these scraps into their elaborate exterior, or even interior designs. One use we are all familiar of is the tire swing, often depicted in television and movies as a simple-minded child’s favorite pastime, or a troubled adult’s most precious childhood memory. An old tractor tire can also be filled with sand and turned into a sandbox where small children can spend hours of afternoon fun.

Some gardeners would saw used rear tractor tires into parts to support small embankments or rows of plant and flowerboxes in their gardens. The rubbery substance you get when you shred these tires can also be used as mulch to control the growth of weeds and decrease erosion and water loss in plants. This rubbery substance can also be used as a durable and protective covering for playground areas to decrease the likeliness of kids getting scraped knees and elbows. This material is also now used to cushion sports fields. And the material used to make your athletic rubber shoes may very well be a form of recycled rubber extracted from these old tractor tires.

What To Do With Old Tractor Tires

The rubber mulch produced from shredding tractor tires are now also being mixed with gravel and asphalt and used to build roads. Still need more ideas on what to do with old tractor tires? Why not use them as compost containers? If placed strategically, they’re sure to give a whole new level of aesthetic elegance to your garden. You can stack one on top of the other and turn a couple or three of these tractor tires to support a circular glass table top and you’d have made yourself stylish dining table

You can even build your entire house out of tractor tires if you’re that much of an eccentric. Ideas on reusing your old tractor tires are simply endless, if you just keep an open mind for creative innovations.

If disposing old tractor tires is the only way you wish to go, call your local dump and find out how much they will charge for your tires. Disposing your old tires into a junkyard is expensive, but disposing them just about anywhere you please may incite a debate and even a lawsuit from environmentalists. So what should you do with these old tires instead?

If you can’t find any use for old tires, why not give them away to your neighbors who may have an idea or two? Even little children and their fanciful imaginations may find ways to better use your old tires, so why not give them that chance to turn your junk into something useful and worthwhile?

Let your local area know you’re putting some old tractor tires up for grabs by hanging up signs in your fence, or posting ads on your local newspapers. You will be surprised at the number of people with the wildest ideas on what to do with old tractor tires.

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