Tips On Buying New Or Used Farm Tractor Tires

If you are looking for a new set of tires for your farm tractor, you might be confused if you want to buy used farm tractor tires or go for a brand new set. This decision is huge especially if you are using your tractor for heavy duty and not just occasionally like some farmers do. If you are conflicted with this problem, it’s best that you pay a visit to your local tire company.

Used Farm Tractor Tires

Used Farm Tractor Tires Photo by Andrew Stawarz via Flickr

The tire company nearest you would tell you a lot regard the brands of tractor tires that you can trust and which brands you can’t. You can also find out if there are any sales where the Kubota tractor tires, BKT tractor tires, Carlisle tractor tires, Firestone tractor tires, Michelin tractor tires, Nokian tractor tires, Titan tractor tires and other known brands of tires are discounted, thereby saving you a lot of money when buying new or used tires for your tractor. Most companies that specialize in tires have trained professionals who can give you great advice regarding tires.

Finding the perfect tire should be finding the set that would compensate with your needs. A majority of your decision should depend on what you will use your tractor for. The nature and frequency of usage plays a big factor as to the quality and size that your tractor tires must be. This is why, first and foremost, you have to determine right beforehand what you plan to do with the tractor long before you visit a tire company.

Tell the tire professionals in the store you plan to visit what you are planning to do with the tractor as well as your expectations. The prices of tractors and their tires can vary so much so make sure that you buy the type of tire that will match exactly what you need. There are many kinds of tires and each of these varieties is for a different set of purpose and use.

Another factor that should lead you to the right path with regards to finding the perfect tires is that type of land that your tractor will be working on. Gauge whether the land you and your tracker will be working on is either hard or soft and then base your choice of tire with that particular feature.

Make sure that the rear tires are also of the appropriate size and quality since the occurrence of getting stuck in the mud while working often depends on the rear tires.

If you have recently bought your tractor, thereby making it belong to the class of modern tractors, the size of the tires may not matter much. Most of the tires on modern tractors are of the same size and if you have a modern tractor, you should now focus on the quality and affordability of the tires instead of its size.

If you are planning to buy a used farm tractor tires, you have to carefully examine the tires using methods that you can ask from the salesperson that is helping you with the transaction. Some of the important factors that you need to check includes any damage on the sidewalls, the tread of the tire and many others.

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