Tractor Tire Chain Types

It’s winter time again and the road is once again slippery and muddy caused by the falling snow. This is the time of a lot of problems for a lot of vehicles. Drivers of cars and buses most often than not travel using extra caution.

As it is with cars and buses, tractor owners are also in for some problems because they will not be able to operate the machine in dense snow. The important thing to deal with here is how to get the tractor moving. And these added help are called tractor tire chains. These chains are typically installed onto the wheels of the tractor and help one run properly during heavy snow periods.

Before buying new tractor tire chains for your tractor, it is advisable to determine the size of tractor tires and to look for the different types of tire chains available in the market today. Right now there are four common tractor chains available, and these are the Double ring tire chains, the Dual grip tire chains, the latter combination tire chains and the v-bar tire chains. Car chains and tractor chains work almost the same way, and listed below are the different tire chain description of the four types.

Tractor Tire Chain Types

V-bar Tire Chains

These chains are also referred as wear bars, these tire chains perform really well on hills and icy conditions. However, they are not advised to be used on pavements since they can cause detrimental damage to its surface once the tire starts spinning. The use of the tractor v-bar tire chains greatly helps to extend the life of your new tractor tires.

Dual Grip Tire Chains

These are the ideal chains for tractors with deep treads. These tractor tires provide for good traction and lateral stability. Also, the average ride quality and steering are on the average – but then, the intended use for this tire chain was for off road use anyways.

Duo-Ladder-Combination-Tire Chains

These tractor chains are similar to the dual grip with the only difference of the presence of the ladder cross chain in between every duo group. These chains work best with tractors with deep lug reads. Also, very much like the duo grip chains, the duo ladder combination chain is also recommended to be used off-road.


Knowing about the four types of tractor chains is not really a top requirement. However, it enables you to choose the best chain for your new tractor tires. And this in turn, will minimize any unwanted incidents with the tractor running in the snow.

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