Lawn Tractor Tires

When you buy a new lawn tractor, it will most probably come with the manufacturer’s all purpose tires. These are not bad and will last for a long time, but they may not be suitable for the type of terrain that you intend to have your lawn tractor work on.

If you find that the new tires are not suitable for your type of lawn then you will need to know the different types of lawn tractor tires according to their uses.

There are two main types of tractor tires for the lawn tractor, the round shoulder turf tire and the rib tread tire. The tread depth on the round shoulder turf tires is shallow in order to minimize any damage to the turf especially when maneuvering. The tires however are still capable of providing some amount of traction. Rib tread tires do even less damage to the turf because of even shallower treads. These are used on more sensitive lawns.

Rear wheels of the lawn tractor often use square shoulder turf or lug tread tires. The square shoulder turf tires work best on wet or soft terrain because their wider foot print provides better traction and will not sink easily. If you really need traction, then lug tread tires are an even better choice. Going through loose soil or snow and heading uphill are the main uses of this type of rear tires. However, the treads on these tires can do damage to turf even without turning so be sure you do not use them on turf that you do not want damaged.Lawn Tractor Tires

If your lawn tractor is going to be used a lot, then you will probably be looking for heavy duty tires that last longer in order to cut down on maintenance costs. Commercial grade turf tires have deeper treads and heavier ply ratings so that they will last longer. These are usually used on maintenance vehicles for golf courses.

Another thing that you will need to know about lawn tractor tires is the different sizes available and how to distinguish them. Your lawn tractor will most likely list the correct size tire in the maintenance manual. Tire sizes are commonly printed on the sides of the tires in two or three number combinations. If you see a two number combination printed on the side of the tires, then the first numbers will be the width of the tire in metric measurement. The second number is also a metric measurement and will represent the size of the rim.

If you see a three number combination, the first number is the height of the tire. The second number is the width and the third number is the size of the rim.

Taking care of lawn tractor tires is the same way you would take care of car tires. The tires need to be cleaned regularly and should always have proper tire pressure. Always keep the tire pressure in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations. The better you take care of your tires, the longer they will last.

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