How To Choose The Best Front Tractor Tires

Unlike regular vehicle tires such as those used in cars and trucks, tractor tires do not use the same tires for the front and the rear tires. Front tractor tires are smaller than rear tractor tires for various reasons.

Firstly, the rear tires provide more power while the front tires give more speed. By using a smaller front tire coupled with bigger rear ones, more cruising speed can be achieved at the expense of reducing friction and power thus fuel efficiency is maximized.

Another reason behind the tractor tire sizes is that larger rear wheels let the tractor move slower. Tractors are not meant to move at fast speeds because they have to work efficiently on as much land as possible. If they go faster than their usual speed, the land will not be tilled enough to maximize soil cultivation.

Before the purchase of another set of front tractor tires is finalized, it has to be viewed from different angles to make sure the physical design and characteristics are top notch. This will help the user choose tires that not only allow him to function quickly and effectively, but also last longer. It will be unfortunate if a newly brought tire fails when the user needs it most. Therefore, it is a must to take one’s time in choosing a tire that will prove its strength and durability in the field.

Front Tractor Tires

Front Tractor Tires Photo by kicki via Flickr

When buying a front tire for a tractor, the first factor to consider is the thread type. This will play a huge role in the way the tractor performs in its terrain. An effective type of thread for tractor tires is the turf tread, which has special grips to make the tire move over the land easily. This type of tread allows the tire to grip better because of the improve traction it possesses.

As a general rule when considering this factor, it must be remembered that the more the traction, the better the performance on the terrain.

The next factor to consider is the tire size. Larger tires provide better grip and this is why the rear tires of tractors are larger in size compared to the front tires. Using large front tires may seem awkward at first but it allows better traction thus proving better efficiency in the long run. However, the speed of the tractor must be decreased to compensate for the increased speed brought about by bigger tires.

Lastly, even when buying used farm tractor tires the brand of the tires will play a big role in tractor tire durability. It is wise to choose trusted brands because they have a proven track record compared to generic or unknown brands. To help a user with choosing the best brand for his tires, he must make a decent amount of research by contacting each manufacturer for different specifications to allow him to compare the brands better. Branded tires will ensure that the brought tires last longer compared to ordinary ones. This is a great asset for tractors because the tires are used with a lot of wear and tear while working on rough terrain.

Choosing the best front tractor tires will allow the buyer to avoid having to constantly repair damaged front tires thus maximizing efficiency and productivity. The more the tractor functions its designated job quickly and efficiently, the more profit is guaranteed for the buyer.

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