Firestone Agricultural Tractor Tires

Man’s agricultural and construction activities may not have gone so productive if not with the invention of tractors. Tractors aid in transporting materials, plowing and cultivating farm lands, sowing and planting of seeds and maintaining garden lawns.

But these tractors will never serve their function if not for their engineered tires. Efficient tractors have appropriate tires of the best quality mounted on them. These are what Firestone tractor tires can offer.

Early versions of tractors have welded steel tires and can only be used on soft surfaces. Though mainly used in agriculture, the design of their tires was considered to be inefficient because they also damaged the roots of the crops. It was in 1930s that first rubber tires were developed. These types easily gained acceptance in the market and became widely used.

Firestone Tractor Tires

Firestone Tractor Tires

Today’s technology offers a wider range of tractor tires with various designs and sizes available. Every design is specifically engineered for specific purpose. There’s no need to go through checking from shop to shop just to obtain the best tractor tires. There have been a lot of manufacturers and dealers offering their tractor tire products on line giving important details, descriptions and specifications.

If trying to look for tractor tires that can offer several years of service, it is best to purchase from reputable manufacturers or dealers to ensure the quality of the product. One of the most trusted brands in the market today are the Firestone tires. They are considered to be the number one choice especially in agricultural tractor tires. Firestone tractor tires are the first to introduce the demountable universal rim and the non-skid tire tread.

Firestone agricultural tractor tires offer more traction and less compaction on the soil. They feature a 230 tread bar angle and long bar/long bar tread design. The modified angle makes the tires deliver 15 percent more traction than 450 bar angle. Due to their long bar/long bar tread design, these tires can offer a smooth ride throughout the tire life service. Their design therefore yields to higher productivity with less time in the field and therefore less fuel consumption.

Firestone also offers tractor tires for construction industry. Firestone construction tractor tires feature excellent strength with less noise and vibration for more comfortable working conditions. They also have turf tires on their product lines that are highly suitable for lawn mowing with their shallow tread design and wide balloon style.

Tractor tires being manufactured by Firestone are based on load stress factors on a minimum-to-maximum basis. Inflating the tractor tires to properly match the load is important to get the most out of these Firestone tires. These tires are specifically engineered with radial belting and toughening agents recognized for toughness for use in heavy working conditions. These include materials like steel, nylon, polyester and Kevlar.


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