Determine The Size Of Tractor Tires

Learning how to determine the size of your tractor tires is inarguably important, especially when you come to the point that you really need to change your tires. Even the most trusty tractor tires can wear and tear eventually from both natural and accidental causes.

You will need to learn how to take accurate measurements since a difference of a few inches may have a substantial impact on your tractor’s performance. A tire that fits perfectly provides better traction, and thus more productive work.

Here are several ways you can get the right information on the size of your tractor tires so you can make your tire purchase count:

Tractor Model
Before looking for used tractor tires find out what size tire comes with your tractor model. You can do this either online or by asking the tractor dealer. Going to the dealer is the best option if the tractor has been purchased just recently since they would certainly still have records of the purchase. Dealers also have the tractor’s model number on record. So if you can tell them what model number your tractor has, they can definitely tell you what size tire fits that particular model.

Determine The Size Of Tractor TiresTire Number
A more obvious way on how to determine the size of your tractor tires is to look at it. There are usually a series of numbers printed on the sidewall of the tractor tire. You may need to wash and clean up your tire to better see where the size has been imprinted. These series of numbers indicate the height, width and rim diameter of your tire. You can often find the width and diameter printed, although the height is sometimes not indicated.

The numbers are usually separated by either a hyphen or a slash into two or three sets. If there are two sets of numbers, the first number indicates the width of the tire and the second number is the rim diameter, both in inches. If you see three sets of numbers printed on your tire, the first number indicates the height of the tire, the second number the width, and the last set of numbers still indicate the rim size.

When you have this information in hand, you increase your chances of finding the right tire fit for your tractor faster.

While, there are many sources out there that can help you find the right tire for your tractor, you still need to put some effort into familiarizing. yourself with tractor models and the tires that fit them perfectly.

Knowing how to determine the size of your tractor tires is indeed a valuable tool of the trade. The right size, of course, should not be the only thing you consider in purchasing your tires. Go for quality and endurance as well. Familiarize yourself with your tractor’s model number, as well as the numbers printed on its tires. Write these numbers on a piece of paper and put it in your wallet for easy access. So that when you visit your local tractor tire dealer, you can just pull this paper out and show it to him and he would know just what you need.

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