BKT Tractor Tires

When it comes to off highway tires, one name among many often comes up in every consumer’s mind – BKT. BKT tractor tires and farm tires manufacturer has been around for over a decade and is continuously offering high-quality tractor and farm tires for people searching who are for products that live up to the public’s high expectations.

Being one of the world’s top producers of premium tires, BKT is a favorite when it comes to tires for agricultural, construction, industrial, earthmover, and all terrain vehicles (ATV) purposes. Moreover, the company is much recognized for producing not only BKT tractor tires and farm tires, it also manufactures forklift, skid steer, loader and dozer, golf cart, grader, ATV and UTV tires, and lawn tractor tires. Big or small, BKT has what every segment of the industry is looking for.

Once a part of the a renowned Indian-owned company Siyaram-Poddar Group, BKT has become a one-stop shop for having a vast variety of off-highway tires with over 1700 stock keeping units (SKU) which makes the company more distinct compared to its competitors. Marketing BKTs top-class cross ply off highway tires not only boosted its sales in different parts of the globe but also put them on top of the list of reputable tire manufacturers competing with other manufacturers in the global market.

BKT tractor tires and farm tires circulate around Europe geographic-wise. Europe is known to have ample farm lands where tractor vehicles are more needed. The company also caters to the industrial needs in Middle East, North and South America, Africa, Australia and Asia.  Currently operating in over a hundred countries, BKT tires maintains an in-house hi-tech mould manufacturing facility and three manufacturing plants across India. Having these sites operating to appease the country’s search for quality tire products, the company aims to serve more by putting up another plant at Greenfield.

Off highway solutions has never been this big. BKT tractor tires and farm tires manufacturer has made it possible for many industries to grow more with pride and strength.

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