Used Tractor Tires For Sale

Many farmers ask about how to repair tractor’s tires and here is my answer – don’t do it! Firstly, repairing farm tractor tires is far more expensive than buying a perfectly decent pair of pre-owned ag tires.



You can get them in any decent surplus farm equipment tires shop. The thing may be slightly different if we are talking about a vintage tractor tire that needs fixing.

“Vintage tires for tractors and mowers can cost a fortune and you may consider repairing them yourself.”



Used Tractor Tires


Why You Should Buy Used Tractor Tires

Even buying a pair of new or nearly new tractor tires can be cheaper than repairing them yourself. Why? It is because not only you can buy tractor tires for cheap on many online auctions, you can also offer your tires for sale. Yes, you may easily sell them for good money and buy tractor tires you really need. For example Vintage John Deere tractor tires are in high demand all year through. You heard it right, even your ruined old used tires can bring in some cash for you. And if you have more than one old tire out there, well you may want to consider opening you own online surplus farm equipment auction website. Ok, let us stay on ground.

Tractor Tires For Sale


Save By Finding Used Tractor Tires

First thing first. Here is how you can save by finding used tractor tires. You need a new tire and you are thinking of purchasing a used one. And it is possibly the smartest thing you can do. Tractor owners surely are concerned when a tire goes to hell. Especially when something bad happens to our combine tires or mower tires that tends to be extremely expensive. Well, they are big as well. But generally all ag tractor tires are expensive. Way too expensive for many farmers. A pair of new tires for sale cost a fortune. But used tractor tires for sale seem like a good choice for any responsible farmer.

I too use my tractor tires till they burst or get irreparably damaged. It even happens that when I buy used tractors for sale, they keep the same pair of shoes for the rest of their life. Farm tires are robust, so you do not have to worry that a used one will get damaged anytime soon. Especially if you get lucky and buy cheap used ag Firestone or Michelin tires. There is one for you: Why would I want to invest $400 for new ones if only one tire failed? Your tractor does not need new pair of shoes. The other tire left may be pretty darn worn out but still OK for farming. And you know as well as I do that you simply cannot drive a tractor with one new and one worn out tire. It is dangerous and it would look stupid as well.

The logical thing would be to buy used tire for your tractor or combine and you can get it for as low as $50 depending on how well are they preserved. Still better than having to buy tractor just for the sake of a new pair of tires. Who needs shiny shoes when those shoes are in the mud and dirt 15 hours per day all year long?

Make Money With Your Old Tires

So now that you have saved well over $100 here is the second part of the “making money with old tires” story. It really does not matter whether you search for tractor turf tires or you search for a brand name tires like Firestone. And it does not matter if your tractor is a century old John Deere or a brand new Ferguson, a Dutch combine or a heavy duty mower. Knowing you can buy really well preserved second hand tractor tires for 10% of their new price, leaves considerable amount of money in your wallet.

You surely have a tire or two stacked somewhere back in the barn, old front tractor tire or perhaps even a vintage tire or a big used mower tire that just takes too much place to be ignored? Guess what, you are literally sitting on a pile of money. Just think of it. If you were interested in buying used tractor tire, how many other people out there are looking for ones as well! Yes, you can sell your second hand or even third hand ones anytime. It does take some action to do it profitably but nothing that cannot be done in less than 15 minutes. Just offer your old used tractor tires for sale.

But you may not have anything usable or don’t have any tire hidden anywhere in the garage? Here is one secret no one has ever told you before. You can even sell your flat, damaged, near to unrecognizable tires! Yes sir! There are people right now searching for that specific type of tire that lies somewhere on your garden full with flowers planted inside. This guy is ready to buy that exact ag tire of yours. You would not believe the tons of money people are ready to give away for original (damaged, broken, worn out,..) tires.

It costs you absolutely nothing to contact the very same company that you contacted to buy used tractor tires from and offer them your used tractor tire for purchase. Well they just may be interested. And here is one thing, I have not yet seen a used tractor tire that would cost less than $ 15, and boy were those tires garbage. Well $ 15 is not peanuts for less than 15 minutes of work, are they?

When you are ready to buy used tractor tires, do not forget to sell your combine, tractor, mowers or caterpillar tires right away. You will feel much better and your farming budget may improve just for taking that simple action.